March 30, 2017 | BY Roberto Miller

There is no small way to say this. After five years since production began (and two more since writing) Mandorla is available worldwide. Many of you have supported us for a long time and waited for this moment to arrive. Here it is for you to see at last!


If you want to see Mandorla, watch it this weekend. It will help the film keep its visibility up so others can discover it too!

In other news we are very pleased to announce that Mandorla will have special screenings in France and the US in April and May.

Mandorla is returning to Sain-Bel as an official selection for the Festival du Film Rhônealpin. It will screen at the fantastic Le Strapontin cinema there on Wednesday, April 5 at 9 PM. Producer Liz Holdship and I will be attending.



In the US, Mandorla has been selected by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) for a special pre-conference screening on May 18, 7:30PM, at the International Congress on Consciousness (ICC) in downtown Miami's James L. Knight Center. Liz and I will attend this screening, hosted by I-ACT, who will also moderate a Q&A with the audience.  Seating is limited so purchase tickets here in advance!

More good news is developing so stay-tuned!


P.S. On the film project time-travel front...

It's very nice of our friends at the Illuminate Film Festival to show a pic of Liz and I when we were part of their inaugural Consciousness Cinema Accelerator Project, meeting with Barnet Bain, producer of What Dreams May Come.

I highly recommend this program for all filmmakers with consciousness minded film projects. It helped us dramatically, as we received great guidance from industry leaders and also met distributors who we are currently working with.

Mandorla on iTunes ! Pre-order Now!!!

March 2, 2017 | BY Roberto Miller

We are very pleased to announce that as of today Mandorla is on iTunes and available for pre-order in 62 markets worldwide! More markets soon.

If you have an interest to see and support Mandorla please pre-order here now.

Mandorla iTunes link worldwide:

This will dramatically increase our "ranking" within iTunes. It will help it rise to "new and noteworthy" in iTunes and reach more people who don't yet know about our film.

Thank you all who do this in advance! And for sharing this!

Making Mandorla was a great leap of faith and a personal journey within for me. Making it turned my life inside out, and did the same for others. Today, I can tell you it was absolutely for the best. Not only because I realized the dream of making this film, but for what I have seen it inspire in those who see it: the inspiration to realize their own dreams, despite the fear of doing so.


February 2, 2017 | BY Roberto Miller

Very pleased to announce that Mandorla is coming to familiar digital platforms worldwide starting March 20, 2017! Our distributor tells us that the list includes, and fortunately is not limited to, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

We are also in the process of building an exciting new website where you will find links to these platforms and also the option to buy or rent it directly from our site too!

For us, this is the light at the end of our long and challengin journey to bring Mandorla to you, wherever you are. Some of you have waited so patiently for such a long time! We hope you enjoy it and, more than anything, that it offers you inspiration for what you feel called to do in your own life. That's always been our goal.

Will keep you posted as we head to our launch date.




A Fantastic Tour de France, Worldwide Distribution Ahead, Paris Screening October 19!

October 18, 2016 | BY Roberto Miller

Mandorla’s national release in France began with a première on September 8 in Lyon, the magical city of secrets, where our production began. Advanced press in Le Progrès, LyonPlus, and even a mention on French TV3's Le Pitch Cinéma and national media, did a lot to help build an audience that held Mandorla over at Lyon’s Cinema Opera and then Le Cinema for FOUR WEEKS!!!

    UPDATE Mandorla Paris screening
    set for 19 October, 21h:
    Espace Municipal Jean Vilar
    1, rue Paul Signac 94110 Arcueil
    RER B, Gare D'arcueil Cachan

Thanks to the enthusiastic support from our French distributor, Jonathan Musset of Wayna Pitch, we road-tripped from Lyon to Sain-Bel, Paris, Belleville, Macon, Nantes, Brittany, Pornic, Civray, and Zûrich. We saw how deeply Mandorla’s story resonated with audiences, and how vital it is to realize one's dream.

We had some unexpected adventures along the way as well. One was arriving at the tiny train station of Belleville. We were two of the three people who got off the train. Nobody else was around and something did not feel right. Liz called our host who was to meet us and asked where she was?

The host, Marie-Françoise, said, “I’m in the parking lot, where are you?”

The parking lot was completely empty. Liz said, “Um, we’re standing next to the station… we’re the only ones here.”

Marie-Françoise said, “What do you mean, sixty people got off that train!”

At this point we began to wonder if we had entered a different dimension, and we had a good laugh, Marie-Françoise included.

It became clear that we were in the 'wrong' Belleville. The one we were expected at, Belleville-sur-Sâone, was 300km south. We took the next train back to Nancy, where I rented a car and drove us south like mad.

We pulled up to the cinema just as the end credits started to roll…. We entered as the audience applauded and we all engaged in some lively questions and answers.  

In Zurich at the RiffRaff Cinema's Cafe and Bar. A great place to chill after the screening and talk with friends.We finished the night with a lovely home cooked meal in Marie-Françoise's home. All now a great memory.

Time and again, people we had never met opened their minds and hearts to the film, and their homes to us. We enjoyed conversations long into the night in cinema lobbies and people’s homes.






Jonathan, Frédéric, Sandrine & Vincent, Patrick
Jean-Yves & Fabienne, Vincent & Daphné
Alain, Johanna

Serge & Frédérique


Pascal & Lucinda, Erna, Armelle


Nicolas & Bruno

Jonathan & Fanny

Christelle, Alain & Christine, Margot or was it Manon?

Pablo, Peter & Muriel, Andreas, Monika, Christoph
Pascal & Vanessa

For us, connecting with audiences in this way is absolutely priceless, and is clearly why Mandorla wanted to be made.

And for those of you who have not yet seen Mandorla, a deal is in progress to stream it into homes around the world soon! More on that in the next blog!




Liz, Roberto and Jonathan Musset, our distributor

First France then Switzerland!

September 20, 2016 | BY Roberto Miller

Our screenings in France are going super well, we had fantastic receptions by audiences in Lyon and Sain-Bel, and we look forward to upcoming ones in Belleville and then in Pornic, Civray, and Paris. All details can/will be seen on Allocine.

We are also very much looking forward to our special Swiss Première in Zurich at the famous Riffraff Kino on Oct 2 at 18h30 (6:30PM). Tickets have just started to go on sale here at Eventbrite. Please forward this to anyone in Zurich who may want to see the film!



Mandorla's national release in france begins !

September 6, 2016 | BY Roberto Miller

Very, very pleased to announce that Mandorla begins its Sortie Nationale in Lyon at the Cinema Opera on 8 Sept. at 19:30h (7:30PM)! I will be there along with Liz (Producer, Art Director+) to present the film and answer questions afterward. We hope to see you at one of the theaters!

After settling in for a week of screenings week in Lyon (see Facebook album), we will then tour with Mandorla to cinemas in Sain-Bel, Belleville, Pornic, Jard sur Mer, Bressieux, and at last Paris. Information for all screenings (called, séances, interestingly enough) in France can be viewed here on once they come on-line.


Meanwhile, a giant poster is up at the Opera Cinema and our fabulous French distributor, Jonathan Musset at Wayna Pitch, has lined up interviews for us. The first one went well with Le Progrès, except that maybe we should have spelled the name of the film. Hopefully that will be fixed by the time you read this. ;-)

A very pleasant surprize came with a mention of Mandorla at the end of France 3 TV's Le Pitch Cinema. We think they save the best for last. Le Pitch confirmed this by giving us a little love on Facebook.

Next month on October 2 we will be screening Mandorla in Zurich, Switzerland at the Riffraff Cinema (love the name and cinema too). More details about tickets for that screening shortly!

What is most important to us, of course, is that Mandorla's story reaches and affects audiences.

En Avant !



October 19 could be Tulsa Time!

August 30, 2016 | BY Roberto Miller

At least it will be Tulsa Time for Mandorla we sell enough tickets in advance to lock-in our screening at the fabulous Circle Cinema.

So if you're in Tulsa, or elsewhere in the great state of Oklahoma, and want to see Mandorla on the screen there, it's time, my friends, to make it happen!

Great screening in Googleville!

August 19, 2016 | BY Roberto Miller

Thanks to our host Craig Lawson, we had a great screening at Google yesterday with a very thoughtful and engaging audience there... We discussed everything from the film from Alan Watts to Persian poets (going beyond our references to Rumi).

Most touching for me was one quiet person who watched the film, sat through the Q&A, and then,  at the end when most people had left the theater, raised his hand and said, "Your film touched me. Personally. Very much."  

I don't know his name, and I will probably never see him again. However, I will never forget this moment, and others like them. At every screening about one-third of the audience will wonder what this film was about. Another third will feel there is something there beneath the surface and want to see it again. And there is somebody who wholly feels it, as if it was made for them, that it was about their life. That, for me personally, this is why Mandorla demanded to be made, and now wants to be seen.