Like a child that has grown up, Mandorla is out of the nest and playing around the world. You can find it here on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, VHX, and GooglePlay everywhere, Comcast in the US, Orange in France, Sony in Spain, and on August 24, Mandorla will premiere worldwide on Gaia!

Every now and then we get some nice messages that really hit home. A couple of them came in recently, a lovely one from Australia, and another from Japan—from supporters who have waited patiently for years and finally enjoyed the experience. See at the end...

Occasionally we get invited out for special screenings and enjoy engaging audiences in person. In May we attended Mandorla’s warmly received screening in Miami to start the International Congress on Consciousness (ICC) hosted by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), and sponsored by I-ACT, who also moderated Q&A with the audience.

For us, this was like singing with the choir. We stayed for the conference and explored fascinating subjects we are deeply interested in with scientists, researchers, and people from around the world who are now friends.

While in Florida, Liz convinced me to try something new—a holiday. We went to Key West for a few days, visited Ernest Hemingway’s house, sampled mojitos, took pics of wayward chickens, and had a really great time. But, I have to confess, the overdue “Director’s Intro video" was pressing on my mind, so I gaffer-taped my iPhone to a lamp post (literally), stuck the Mandorla banner on the wall of our BnB, and just shot it with the last bits of daylight! I posted it and then relaxed into our holiday. We may have to have another holiday someday. ; )

In June and July, Mandorla went rollin’ on the Mississippi river. We enjoyed a full house screening and engaging reception at Alliance Française New Orleans and made some new friends. We also did some preliminary scouting for the next film, and finally boarded the "City of New Orleans," the old blues train that Arlo Guthrie sang about (back in 1971) to Memphis.

In Memphis a screening was generously sponsored (thanks to some good friends) by Malco Theaters and promoted by Alliance Française Memphis. Afterward, discussions sparked by the film went late into the night with interesting new and old friends.

Musee d orsay on seine.JPG

Just around the corner from now, we will soon be back in Paris to sit down with our wonderful global distributor, Under The Milky Way, and enjoy a review of this cinematic road less traveled, and new ones ahead. Thanks to Océane Portal there and the UMW team, including co-founder Pierre-Alexandre Labelle in New York, Mandorla has been made available to all corners of the earth. 

We are also pleased to announce that Mandorla now has Italian subtitles (on Vimeo and VHX so far), thanks to Nelly Capra, and will hopefully soon have Chinese subtitles thanks to Beatrice Tao.

Mandorla has sold more in Brazil than in any other country, and a very interesting video interview we did in Los Angeles with noted author, teacher, and Brazilian native, Nanci Trivellato, will be released around the first of September! Stay tuned for details.

Roberto at Musee d Orsay.JPG

Ultimately, we see that Mandorla is doing what it is meant to do: inspire people who have inner callings and dreams deep within to face their fears and do what they are meant to do.



Notes from viewers:

from Australia
"Thank you Roberto (and all involved) for making this important movie. Kept me captivated till the end. Wonderful you took the leap of faith to create it and share with others. I found a lot of small (but how important) messages throughout the whole movie. Those signs are the ones to look out for in our lives and trust they are there for a reason. I connected with your story deeply as it reminded me of my own... finding balance within between the worlds and staying connected has been the hardest part for me. I loved how you used various other movies to reiterate what you mean. I often do that myself. Parabolism. Story telling. Connecting on a different level. Thank you again..."
-Grace Love

from Japan
Hi Roberto,
Wanted to send a quick note to say that I watched Mandorla last night and really, really loved it. What an amazing thing. Such beautiful photography! And an amazing soundtrack as well. Just a fantastic, immersive experience.
I know Lori & I have been, at best, back row bleacher supporters but we've enjoyed being witness to the process. Congrats to you & Liz (and the rest of your team) on seeing this amazing accomplishment through to completion. I can't wait to hear more about your next project.