Mandorla on iTunes ! Pre-order Now!!!

We are very pleased to announce that as of today Mandorla is on iTunes and available for pre-order in 62 markets worldwide! More markets soon.

If you have an interest to see and support Mandorla please pre-order here now.

Mandorla iTunes link worldwide:

This will dramatically increase our "ranking" within iTunes. It will help it rise to "new and noteworthy" in iTunes and reach more people who don't yet know about our film.

Thank you all who do this in advance! And for sharing this!

Making Mandorla was a great leap of faith and a personal journey within for me. Making it turned my life inside out, and did the same for others. Today, I can tell you it was absolutely for the best. Not only because I realized the dream of making this film, but for what I have seen it inspire in those who see it: the inspiration to realize their own dreams, despite the fear of doing so.