Spreadsheets before the Announcement

This morning I went through my normal routine, sitting down with a cup of coffee at my desk, starting the computer, and, most importantly, switching on the music stream from my favorite internet radio station, Radio Paradise

I try not to think about working with a spreadsheet to roughly organize the film's tour this summer. Mind you, I am very excited about the tour itself, but I really don't like making spreadsheets in Excel. I'm a visual guy. I'd much rather Photoshop something.

The music programming on Radio Paradise by Bill Goldman is extraordinary. You often feel unspoken threads of connections from song to song. "Let the Day Begin" by The Call could be followed by "Loose Yourself" by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And the connection is... The Call's Michael Been is the father of BRMC's Robert Levon Been, and "Loose Yourself" is Robert's tribute to his father, who died while managing BRMC's stage on tour. The listner comments on RP's website will often share more about the song-connections.

This morning, while doing small tasks and generally procrastinating from getting into the spreadsheet, RP plays a cool, classical tune that catches my ear. I turn to the RP website and see that it is: Erik Satie, "Gnossienne No. 1," from 1904. I look at the listener comments and read from hayduke2 in Southhampton NY:

Gorgeous music!  : )
first heard (read) of Satie in "The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant-Garde in France, 1885 to World War I (1955) Roger Shattuck -  who said: "Everything has been said. Erik SatieBut nobody listens. Therefore it has to be said all over again—only better. In order to say it better, we have to know how it was said before."

Shattuck's quote resounds with a key scene toward the end of Mandorla.

I grab the quote and a still from the film and, you guessed it, fire-up Photoshop. You now see the resulting image above. Sometimes, procrastinating can lure us away to an interesting place where we find something useful, or at least affirmative. At least that's my story.

OK. Now. Back to work! On to speadsheets, and then some very exciting news to share about Mandorla playing in theaters this summer!