New Poster!

Creating a movie poster is actually as fun as you may think it would be. So, time flew by this week and it seems we got little else done. We decided to test the new poster design on some trusted "friends of the film" that have always given us their honest opinion. Here's what a couple of them had to say:

"I would say it tells the story well, in an abstract way.  Overall  - a good representation. I still think the original poster is more potent and more mysterious."

 "I absolutely love it! The warm colors, the rich textures...honestly, it's so consistent with the cinematographic theme within the movie. Even the movement of the's all in synch with the Mandorla image and the movements of Ernesto's journey both upwards and inwards throughout the movie. In general, it definitely works as the "grabber" first sentence of any essay I'd want to read....or in this case, watch ;)"

What are your thoughts? Is this poster better than the last?

Send us a mail and let us know what YOU think!