Editing new trailer, Exciting Announcements coming!

Another day of editing in our walk-in-closet sized editing studio.

Editing our new (and long overdue) trailer in preperation for some big announcements coming soon.

A film trailer is an interesting form to work in. Some editors will tell you it's fun because "anything goes," you can put in any thing you want in any order. And that's true. I prefer to think of a trailer as a mosaic, and in the making of it be guided by what the film is about at it's core. In our case:

A guy with conflicting inner and outer worlds, compelled to journey between them with the hope of finding a meaningful life in the balance.

Somewhere while watching trailer (ours or any other) I want to say to myself, "I want to see that film." Hopefully, when you see this new trailer, you will say or something similiar. We'll finish and post it soon, and you can tell us if we hit that mark.

And we'll make some announcements soon that we are pretty excited about, too.

Till then,