When the script is delivered, the film begins...

A clip from my short film “Mail Bonding,” starring Craig Anton and Beth Richmond

The main thought that's been running through my mind lately is, "When the script is finished, the film begins." But let me tell you what this is all about first.

I'm writing to invite you to follow the adventure of realizing my life-long dream: making this feature film, Mandorla. This marks my return to filmmaking since my short film and years of making videos and commercials.

Mandorla is about a guy who grew up being inspired by heroes in books and movies who, despite being trapped in a corporate job that provides for his family, is now called to be the hero of his own story.

You can stay tuned to the project by reading emails like this or postings on the film's blog site, which friends and volunteers are putting together now. In fact, people from around the world are getting involved (see Mandorla's Facebook page), which I look forward to sharing more stories about (like the Berlin connection, or how we got big in Finland!).

Bottom line: the point of making a movie is for it to be seen and felt by as many people as possible. With your help, we can grow (organically) a social network for this film worldwide, so when it premieres there is an audience primed and waiting for it. THAT is a BIG DEAL! Without this -- your help -- the film, regardless of merit, may never be shown in theaters or available through major distribution channels.